And another thing about that Election ……

10 May

necessary reading


  1. Nicola Sturgeon said that a vote for the SNP would lock David Cameron out of Downing Street. David Cameron was back in Downing Street the morning after the election.
  2. Nicola Sturgeon said that a vote for the SNP would give Scotland a strong voice at Westminster. In the last coalition Government, Scotland had 2 MPs in the Cabinet with others holding ministerial positions. Today, Scotland has just one MP in a Government post. This is the lowest figure for over 50 years (there were more Scots MPs in each of the Brown/Blair Governments, the Major/Thatcher Governments, the Callaghan/Wilson Governments and the Heath Government).
  3. In the first weekend after the General Election, David Cameron began the process of appointing his new Cabinet. Nicola Sturgeon organised a photo shoot with her new MPs at the Forth Bridge.
  4. Nicola Sturgeon said she would not work with a Tory Government. The day after theā€¦

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